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about .commercers

.commercers is a leading provider of Promotional Material eSystems (ProMaS) & brand shops.
We design and implement holistic e-commerce outsourcing solutions.

Among other things, this includes:


In close collaboration with you we develop a tailor-made concept matching with your requirements in the distribution of promotional material. We know how to transfer your ideas into solutions!


After the initial conceptual phase, we develop functional and design suggestions. We also adjust processes and interfaces with you. Naturally, our goal is to fluently combine design with functionality.

Shop management

Having released your ProMaS, we continue to be there for you. We administer your shop, analyze processes and procedures, create reports and inform you continuously about optimization potentials.


To ensure a quick and easy delivery we have access to a reliable and cooperative logistics network that is specialized in promotional material logistics.

.commercers provide you with a tailor-made concept and a harmonized ratio of design and functionality. Plus, we can give you a structured overview of processes and statistics concerning your B2B/B2C shop.

.commercers continuously develop new modules in order to extend certain functionalities.

Due to our long-term experience in collaboration with companies such as Coca-Cola, Bacardi, Velux or Henkel Schwarzkopf we have gained detailed knowledge of requirements in the field of promotional material. Our mission is to transfer this into reasonable functions to be used individually and project based.


Name your current requirements and we will present smart solutions you do not want to miss soon.

.commercers – eCommerce solutions

We are nothing

...without our office team, our developers and creative partners all over the world!

  • Beatrice Berlin

    Specialist for:

    • Photography
    • Support
    • Contentmanagement
    • Blog Expert
    • Account Management
  • Oliver Hinsenbrock

    Specialist for:

    • Keyaccount Management
    • Sales
    • Interface Experte
    • Projectmanagement
    • Finance
    • Software-Strategy
    • Networking
  • Christian Jorga

    Specialist for:

    • B2B Account Management
    • Magento Expert
    • Extensions for Magento
    • B2C App Management
    • Sales
  • Christian Misch

    Specialist for:

    • Account Management
    • eBay and Amazon Expert
    • Facebook-Management
    • Blog-Coordination
    • B2C Website Management
  • Anita Rest

    Specialist for:

    • Content-Support
    • Photography
    • Article and Content Management
    • Logistics
    • Account Management
  • Barbara Schröder

    Specialist for:

    • Accounting
    • Contentmanagement
    • Logistics
    • Return Management
    • B2C Order Management
  • Stefan Tilp

    Specialist for:

    • Projectmanagement
    • Content Manangement
    • Extensions for Magento
    • Customer Support
    • Sales
  • Leonhard Graf von Schwerin

    Specialist for:

    • Layout & Design
    • Quality Management
    • Sales
    • Human Resources
    • Feature-Development
    • App-Development
    • Projectmanagement
  • International partnerships

    We cooperate with a worldwide network of selected developers and agencies. In this way, we can access perfect know-how at any time and offer you full service from a single source.


Our Service

Experience cannot be learned, you have to gather it for a long time.

Cooperative relationship

Smart solutions, decent prices, reliable & proactive support – .commercers define their customers as partners.

Reachable everywhere

Direct access to your goods. Immediately available – worldwide and 24/7.

Customer care

Always at your service – feel free to use our contact form, or give us a call.


ProMaS – Promotional Material eSystem (B2B/Intranet)

a) General information about our internal ProMaS

Today, the distribution of promotional material via online systems is common practice. This is, however, often to proprietary systems, which are developed individually for a customer. This individuality is usually paid with limited functionality, limited flexibility and/or high cost.

.commercers ProMaS is based on a highly flexible standard system that can be customized by a variety of functions without individual programming. Our reporting tools provide all essential evaluations in real time.

b) The efficiency of our ProMaS

Promotional material distribution is not the core business of our customers. Thus, transactions must be characterized by intuitive and efficient processes. We already achieve this at the log-in screen. Thanks “Smooth Token”, the employee connects without further registration directly with the MMSS. The material distribution is designed efficiently through a laundry list of many other helpful options, e.g. multi-level categories, hiding irrelevant items by user group privileges, filter through shop-wide or individual product packages by Quick Order masks, multi-addresses check-out or mobile templates. In dialogue with our customers we continuously develop new features.

c) Transparency

Our ProMaS will let you know if your (potential) customer base justifies your material distribution. Also, our ProMaS will keep you up-to-date where certain materials are sent. On request we can set global address books with an automatic data refresh from your systems so that promotional material may only be sent to those customers who are part of a certain spectrum. If your employees still have their own external warehouses, we offer solutions that require a customer-related log-off.
In case you would like to compare and control available promotional material per employee, please feel free to use our product allocation and/or budget function. Both features support a top-down distribution on request.

Of course, you will be able to obtain customer-based information in real time, including dashboard functions, sales analysis, best sellers and budget reports. .commercers have many more evaluation tools on offer. Feel free to contact us!

d) Interfaces

In order to allow further evaluation in your ERP/CRM, our ProMaS comes with highly flexible interfaces transferring data to systems, such as SAP, JD Edwards or Salesforce. Considering the delivery itself, we export order data and item master data while importing delivery data, tracking data and stock data.
Generally, we support classical (s)ftp or SOAP/API. Concerning file formats we are highly flexible – we will adjust our standards to meet yours.

e) Further information

In addition to many functional aspects, the “Look & Feel” is crucial. Your Corporate Identity/Corporate Design will clearly be reflected in your individual ProMaS. Webpage layout and site structure correspond to a modern B2C system.

Top brands also have a market for promotional material. Increase your margin and extend your ProMaS by a B2C instance!

Pernod Ricard Deutschland
Nestle Waters Deutschland


Brand Shops

Brand shops must strike a balance between an optimized success and a sensitive consideration of existing trading partners. Therefore, brand shops require a unique concept and a differentiated marketing. .commercers offer appropriate solutions:

Your brand is your major asset

  • Use your web site for online activities

    Your daily offline business is a perfect starting point for successful online activities! We can show you methods how to turn your offline customers to online customers.

  • Make your brands more tangible

    The trade does not approve of industrial online activities, unless they strengthen the brand and hence the turnover. We will show you how to generate online sales and margins without annoying the trade.

  • Keep in touch with your consumers

    In the field of follow-up there are many other opportunities besides social media, newsletters, and re-marketing. We will show you efficient and effective ways to get valuable information from your consumers.

  • Get to know your consumers better

    Brand shops are one of the most valuable sources for your market and consumer research. Reasonably placed methods for consumer analysis in combination with A/B testing and product reviews lead to valuable and timely results at a manageable cost.

    Let’s talk about opportunities for your brands!

  • Lack of internal resources?

    Don’t worry. Thanks to our network we offer a full range of services, including product design, product sourcing, shop creation, marketing, debt collection, logistics, customer service and returns management.


Short Clip

Das perfekte Werbemittelabrufsystem von .commercers

The perfect Promotional Material eSystem by .commercers.




Selected references:
Lillet brand shop
Absolut Vodka Brandshop
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Havana Club Mojito Aktions Shop
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